Try-out pack

From: 50.00 inc. BTW

Experience the added value of WattCycling yourself with the try-out package.

You start with an introductory training, this is a condition to be able to train well and to get everything out of the WattCycling training. After the introduction training you will do 4 regular training sessions to experience WattCycling yourself.

€48,00 (normaal €95)

5 trainings:
✓ 1 introductietraining
✓ 4 WattCycling trainings
✓ Bidon

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Introduction training
You always start with the introductory training. Here we explain the basics of the Wattbike, power training, the training zones and about WattCycling. During the introductory training we also do a MaxRamp test to determine your personal training zones. The introductory training is in Dutch. This is because all training courses are also in Dutch.

Try-out workouts
The introductory training is a precondition for being able to train properly and to get the most out of the WattCycling training. To get a good idea of ​​the different training sessions and different WattCycling trainers, you will receive 4 WattCycling try-out credits after the introduction training (validity 2 months) that you can use for all training sessions. This way you can experience for yourself whether WattCycling is for you.

Different pedals
You can only work on an optimal pedaling technique if you can pay attention to pulling and pushing force. This requires a “click system”. The Wattbikes are equipped with SPD, SPD-sl and Look pedals. If you do not (yet) have cycling shoes, you can also use sports shoes in the toeclips.

Includes 5 trainings:
✓ 1 introductietraining
✓ 4 WattCycling trainings
✓ Bidon