Step-by-step guide

Step 1. Get a password

We created an account for you. To access it, you need to create a password first:

  1. Go to password recovery” page.
  2. Enter your email (the one you gave us at intro), and get a password creation link by this email.

Step. 2. Book a session

  1. Log in using your newly created password.
  2. Choose “Book training session” from the website menu (link).
  3. Select date & time —> click “book”.
    1. The button will blink as “sold out” for a split second. This is not a bug, the system is processing your request.
    2. Wait. You will be automatically redirected to the list of your bookings
  4. You are registered!
  • Are there free spots? – Yes, at all sessions with an active “Book” button.
  • Button inactive? = no free spots / not available for bookings.

Step 3. Quick access

Convert our website into an app on your smartphone by adding a “bookmark” button to your home screen. Quickly access your bookings.

  1. Go to “Book training session” page with your smartphone (link).
  2. Add this page as a bookmark
    1. click “Add to Home Screen” on your iPhone.
  3. * Optional extra: go to My account page and connect your social accounts there, for easier login next time.

Having trouble ? – Please WhatsApp Max via this link.

Found a bug or error? — Please report to