Step-by-step guide

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Step 1. Get a password, Log in

We created an account for you. To access it, you need to generate a password. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to password recovery page. ( ! ) [old] Watts-In-Coffee members: skip this step, your old passwords are valid.
  2. Follow the procedure.

Step. 2. Book your session

  1. Log in using your credentials.
  2. Choose “Book training session” from the website menu (link).
  3. Select date & time —> click “book”.
    1. The button will blink as “sold out” for a moment. This is not a bug, the system is processing your request.
    2. You are registered! You will be automatically redirected to the list of your bookings.


  • Are there free spots? – Yes, at all sessions with an active “Book” button.
  • Button inactive? = no free spots / not available for bookings.
  • Only members who did an intro session are eligible to participate in regular sessions.

Step 3. Make it convenient

Convert our website to an app on your smartphone by adding a “bookmark” button to your home screen for quick access.

  1. Go to “Book training session” page with your smartphone (link).
  2. Add this page as a bookmark / click “Add to Home Screen” on your iPhone.
  3. * Optional extra: go to My account page and connect your social accounts there, for easier login next time.

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